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Why Game Hub?

The gaming industry is currently experiencing impressive growth rates and this positive trend seems to be on-going. Scandinavia is one of the world leaders when it comes to innovative products within the field. In Game Hub Scandinavia, we wish to make the gaming industry a primary source of income for the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Our goal is to generate 100 new companies and 400 new jobs in the Scandinavian countries through incubation of new businesses, gamification and knowledge sharing.


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Game Hub Jam 2017: Scandinavia and China collaborate on creating games

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Game Hub Jam is the name of the game At the core of Game Hub Scandinava lies the urge to explore new markets; an urge which during the last year alone has led to visits [...]

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Game localization and student exchanges: The University of Skövde takes on China

April 28th, 2017|0 Comments

During Game Hub Scandinavia's recent visit to China, the University of Skövde discussed future academic exchange options with top universities in Shanghai and Beijing and also met with game developers to learn more about a [...]

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GDC GC 2017 Postmortem: Should you stay or should you go?

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Game Hub Denmark

Together Viden Djurs and Dania Erhvervsakademi operate Game Hub Denmark: Game Incubator which is located in Grenaa, Denmark; a city that has become a centre of entrepreneurship and game development.

Game Hub Denmark is a newly founded brand that encompasses the pre-existing collaboration between Viden Djurs and Erhvervsakademi Dania, and their focus on education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Game Hub Denmark: Game Incubator is an environment for graduates wanting to start their own company. The start-ups in Game Hub Denmark: Game Incubator are graduates from either Viden Djurs Game College, Viden Djurs 3D College, or Erhvervsakademi Dania’s Dania Games – or graduates from both institutions. Outsiders to both institutions can obtain admission on approval by the mentors of the incubator.

Game Hub Denmark: Game Incubator has helped more than 15 companies and more than 50 students and graduates get started since 2011

The Game Incubator

The Game Incubator is operated by Gothia Innovation AB and positioned in Skövde, Sweden (since 2004) and Gothenburg (since 2015). The goal is to create global companies with local jobs. The Game Incubator is a national node and internationally recognized as a successful environment with proven methods and processes to start and develop vital game companies.

50+ companies have been helped by The Game Incubator. For example: Coffee Stain Studios, Stunlock Studios and Pieces Interactive.

60+ games have been released by companies in The Game Incubator. For example: Goat Simulator, Magicka 2 and Dead Island: Epidemic.

Arsenalet Game Incubator

Arsenalet Game Incubation is a newly established project operated by The Animation Workshop and housed by the creative working space called Arsenalet in Viborg, Denmark.

Arsenalet Game Incubation runs in periods of nine months where each group or individual gets a chance to create the much-needed focus that can help kick-start his or her company.  It is open for everyone to apply but the group or individual that applies must aim at generating a main income from the games industry.

Whether the project is a board game, digital game, outsourcing of animation and 3D assets or concept art is totally up for the applicant to decide.

Gamification Lab

One of the main activities of Game Hub Scandinavia is the mobile laboratory – Gamification Lab. The laboratory will be operating throughout the regions of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as in collaborations across the countries borders.

Gamification is the art of implementing game elements into non-game contexts. With the Gamification Lab, the aim is to create a meeting point from which gamification collaborations can be established between game businesses and other industries.

Of relevant industries, it is worth mentioning health, culture and refuse disposal. The Gamification Lab is a mobile laboratory to be used on-site at the location of involved businesses and is based in Aalborg, Denmark. By working on-site, the laboratory becomes a place where businesses, outside of the game industry, can meet and pair up with game developers.


Facts and funding

Game Hub Scandinavia is funded by the EU regional development fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak under their priority area called: “Employment.” Game Hub Scandinavia is a continuation of the knowledge gained in our previous successful project, similarly called Scandinavian Game Developers. The previous project won an EU RegioStar Award in 2015 for its innovative approach.

Running Period: 1st of August 2015 to 31st of July 2018
Budget: 3,939,282 €
Granted funds: 1,816,486 €
Norwegian funds: 634 034 NOK
Central Denmark Region funds: 5,500,000 DKK
Lead partner: Viden Djurs


Folkeuniversitetet Dania Erhvervsakademi Business Aalborg Viden Djurs
Gothia Innovation A/B Fleksibel Utdanning Norge The Animation Workshop University of Skövde

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The Game Incubator
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Game Hub Denmark: Game Incubation
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Arsenalet Game Incubator
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Gamification Lab
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