Game Hub Denmark at Game Connection in Paris

In November, three companies from Game Hub Denmark visited the annual conference Game Connection in Paris. The goal of Acrylec Studios, Archon Interactive and Ablaze Interactive was to find partners to work with in the international game industry. 

By Marie Haagensen, Head of Communication at Game Hub Denmark

Game Connection in Paris is an annual, international conference where more than 2700 game developers, publishers, distributors and service companies meet up to network and find partners. This year, the incubator Game Hub Denmark sent three companies on their way to find publishers and partners in order to further develop their game productions. The trip was made possible by financial support from sponsors in GameBusiness, a local business network in Grenaa.

Peter Witt from Acrylec Studios and Anders Ljungquist from Ablaze Interactive both participated in the conference. In fact, this was their first ever visit to Game Connection and the first time they had to prepare and follow through with professional meetings. Both agree that they have benefited majorly from the event, having made contact to publishers who can help them launch their games, and also other game developers, graphic designers and audio designers.

Both these companies are currently fully engaged in the production of their games: Acrylec is working on the game Chase while Ablaze is creating a title called Gift of Parthrax. Both Peter and Anders think that bringing their games to the meetings was crucial.

“During Game Connection, I showed the game every time I had a meeting. When you attend such events, it’s important to have something playable. It’s not enough to just show an idea – publishers rather want something, which is ready to be launched within a couple of months. Then they can see that you’re able to deliver the product, and in the end, it’s they who gamble money by investing. If you just propose an idea, you often get a no. It’s a little risky to invest in an idea alone,” Anders Ljungqvist explains.

Peter Witt from Acrylec managed to arrange some good deals for their game Chase:

“We had a deal with a game company called Air Console who were going to publish our game, and then we spoke with a company called Photon who are developing online multiplayer games. They wound up offering us a really good deal, which can help us develop the game.”

 Useful contacts

Peter and Anders state that it’s been very exciting and beneficial for them to participate in Game Connection, and both companies have managed to land tangible deals that they are going to work on further.

Anders Ljungquist in particular has some meetings to follow-up on.

“It was very beneficial for us to go to Paris. I was excited to see what we could gain from going being a start-up and all, and I’ve now returned home with a list of 22 people who I have to contact – including eight publishers. One person already got back to me with a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to sign. If I sign it, I can never mention who I’m working with. But that is how it is,” he states.

Peter shares the same positive experience:

“It was amazing to attend. I now have the experience of meeting with a publishers and learned that it’s not as terrifying as I thought it’d be. Now, I feel prepared for the next time. I have gained experienced and brought home some deals as well.”

After returning home, both companies have been busy catching up on the many meetings. Big decisions are to be made; decisions that may be crucial to their future.

 “It was very exciting. I hope that the next 14 days will bring good news. Right now, I’m creating a budget because that’s something a publisher demands. They want to see how much money we need to finish the game. I’m also contacting different graphic designers in our international network to figure out how much money we need to spend in that field. It’s been some hectic days,” Anders discloses.

When it comes to Peter and the rest of the team at Acrylec, the big question is whether or not to publish their game right now, and if they do: Who should they work with?

“We’re deciding what to do about Chase. Should we publish on Air Console now or Photon later? If we wait to publish, we could potentially make a better version of our game. Whether or not it’s smart to publish the game right away is the most pressing question at the moment. Regarding the prototype, we are focusing on further developing the concept so it’s more thoroughly prepared. Then we have to settle on a style. We want to have a graphic designer who we can cooperate with throughout the whole project but we have to wait and see if that’s possible,” Peter concludes.