Victor’s travel-book, part one: Arriving at indienova in Beijing

February 28th, 2018|China, Indie development, University of Skövde|

Follow the adventures of Victor Bankler, a Game Design student from the University of Skövde, as he takes on an internship at indienova and life in Beijing. The first person I meet as I reach the entrance of Beijing international airport is the indienova employee Liu Lin: A tall, outgoing and happy Beijinger who welcomes [...]

Databas för spel tar in miljoner

February 28th, 2018|#swegame, Incubation, Indie development, Investment and funding, News, The Game Incubator|

Göteborgsbaserade 8 Dudes in a Garage, som byggt en databas för dataspel, IGDB, tar in 10 miljoner kronor i nytt kapital.

Spelet om trafficking kan rädda liv

February 20th, 2018|Research, University of Skövde|

Spelvärlden är global. Det gör också att viktiga internationella samhällsfrågor kan kommuniceras, och attityder och beteenden kan förändras, genom digitala spel. Det indiska spelet Missing, som handlar om trafficking, har just den möjligheten. På Högskolan i Skövde pågår just nu ett forskningsprojekt som ger kunskaper om hur spelet tas emot och når ut globalt.

A letter from Skövde students in Shanghai. Part 1

February 20th, 2018|China, Research, Uncategorized, University of Skövde|

Read what life is like for Jonathan, Ivar, Linn and Sofia, four students from the University of Skövde who have chosen to spend their internship period at the Shanghai-based game studio, Shinezone. HI EVERYONE AT HOME! We have now been in China for 11 days. It feels as if we've been here forever but also [...]

Scandinavian game collaboration featured at PAX South

February 19th, 2018|#dkgame, #swegame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Conferences, Game development, Incubation, Indie development, News|

Scrap Galaxy at LiU Game Conference 2017 - Photo by Crelle Photography Scrap Galaxy was picked for the video game tournament ”Omegathon”, which has been a highlight of the American video game conference PAX since 2006. Scrap Galaxy is a local build-and-destroy indie game for up to four players. The 2D top-down shooter [...]

Meet the Developers: Martin and Søren from Game Hub Denmark

January 18th, 2018|#dkgame, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Incubation, Indie development|

Our video series, “Meet the Developers”, is your chance to get to know some of the great companies that are a part of our four game incubators in Sweden and Denmark. The purpose of these incubators is to provide the best possible environment for new game developer talents and companies in Scandinavia to launch successful [...]

Game Hub Scandinavia at the 2017 Nasscom Game Conference

December 21st, 2017|Conferences, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Gamification, Incubation, Indie development, News, Research, University of Skövde|

In-game photo: Alter Army Game Hub Scandinavia attended the Nasscom Game Conference (NGDC) for the third, consecutive year along with 3000 other participants. Read more about the Indian conference and our visits to T-Hub and the IIIT University. By Game Researcher Marcus Toftedahl from the University of Skövde The conference, which was previously [...]

Acrylec, Archon and Ablaze travel to Game Connection in Paris

December 21st, 2017|#dkgame, Conferences, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Incubation, Indie development, News|

In November, three companies from Game Hub Denmark visited the annual conference Game Connection in Paris. The goal of Acrylec Studios, Archon Interactive and Ablaze Interactive was to find partners to work with in the international game industry.  By Marie Haagensen, Head of Communication at Game Hub Denmark Game Connection in Paris is an [...]

Call for Game Developers/Designers: Join our IMPACT jam and make a difference

December 21st, 2017|#dkgame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Conferences, Game development, Game Jam, Incubation, Indie development, News|

Recent game releases: December edition

December 20th, 2017|#dkgame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Game development, Incubation, Indie development, News, Recommendation|

Want to keep up with the companies in our four game incubators? Each month, we’ll highlight some of the most recent game releases. In the December edition, you can check out MuX by Decochon in early access. MuX by Dechochon The game was showcased at FunKoN17 in Oslo, Norway. MuX is in short [...]

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