February 2017

Game Hub Denmark launches new website

February 28th, 2017|#dkgame, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Incubation, Indie development, News|

Game Hub Denmark is a complete ecosystem consisting of education, innovation and incubation, located in Grenaa, Denmark. Visit the website to learn more.

Meet the Developers: Morten and Peter from Arsenalet Game Incubation

February 13th, 2017|#dkgame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Game development, Incubation, Indie development|

Our new video series, “Meet the Developers”, is your chance to get to know some of the great companies that are a part of our four game incubators in Sweden and Denmark. The purpose of these incubators is to provide the best possible environment for new game developer talents and companies in Scandinavia to launch [...]

January 2017

12 incubation companies are ready to take on San Francisco

January 20th, 2017|#dkgame, #swegame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Conferences, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Incubation, Indie development, News, The Game Incubator|

When Game Connection and Game Developers Conference take place in San Francisco this spring, Game Hub Scandinavia will be represented by 12 companies from our four incubation environments. Three of the companies going won a Pitch My Game event hosted by Sweden Game Arena. The contestants got around 4 minutes in front of a jury [...]

Campfire Games vinder Iværksætterprisen 2017 i Djursland

January 13th, 2017|#dkgame, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Incubation, Indie development, News|

Campfire Games skriver på Twitter: "Entrepreneur of 2017 in our region of Denmark - Thank you for the award! :)" Campfire Games, der til dagligt sidder i Game Hub Denmark's inkubator i Grenaa, blev tidligere i januar belønnet med Iværksætterprisen 2017 af Djurslands Erhvervsråd. Den danske spilvirksomhed har gennem de sidste fire år [...]

December 2016

Fact-finding trip to China and South Korea

December 19th, 2016|#dkgame, #swegame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, China, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Incubation, Indie development, Investment and funding, News, University of Skövde|

In June, a delegation from the Game Hub Scandinavia incubators, accompanied by two researchers from the University of Skövde, visited Shanghai in China and Seoul in South Korea on a mission to conduct initial fact-finding and establish the project’s network in the two countries. By Mikkel Fledelius Jensen, Project Manager at Game Hub Denmark A [...]

Gaming in Norway: an industry in the making

December 19th, 2016|#dkgame, #swegame, Fleksibel utdanning Norge, Game development, Game Hub Denmark, Investment and funding, News, Norwegian games|

The gaming industry in Sweden, Finland and Denmark creates hundreds of new jobs every year – what can Norway do to achieve the same? By Ebba Køber, editor-in-chief at FuN and Game Hub Scandinavia project partner This question was the starting point for an event at Arendalsuka this fall, organized by Game Hub Scandinavia, Interreg [...]

Play the games from Christmas Game Jam 2016

December 12th, 2016|#dkgame, Game development, Game Jam, Incubation, Indie development|

Last weekend, Arsenalet Game Incubation hosted a Christmas themed game jam for those interested in game development. The result is nine small, entertaining games. Play the nine games here: Chimm, The Master Sweep Cheep The Rocket Man Christmas Feast Christmas Incorporated Far Below Sleigh Simulator 2016 Sol Invictus Super Santa Kid Beater

November 2016

Det Interaktive Danmark i Tal 2015

November 9th, 2016|#dkgame, Game development, Investment and funding, News, Research|

Ny rapport fra Interactive Denmark viser, at den danske spilbranche også i 2015 oplevede vækst.  Rapporten indleder med at konstatere, at: "Virksomheder der udvikler interaktivt indhold er front-runners i den digitale og teknologiske udvikling, og de danske indholdsproducenter er med på både indholdssiden, teknologien og forretningen. Det viser Det Interaktive Danmark i Tal 2015." Specifikt [...]

October 2016

Kickstart your company in Arsenalet Game Incubation

October 27th, 2016|#dkgame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Game development, Incubation, Indie development, News|

Arsenalet Game Incubation has launched a new round of incubation in Viborg, Denmark. There are currently four seats available. What is Arsenalet Game Incubation? Arsenalet Game Incubation is a unique opportunity for you to kickstart a company in the games industry as part of the creative working environment, which surrounds The Animation Workshop in Viborg. Once [...]


October 20th, 2016|#dkgame, Arsenalet Game Incubation, Game development, Incubation, Indie development, Recommendation|

Arsenalet's Game Incubator participated in this year's Comic Con Copenhagen, September 24-25. Incubation Manager Adonis Flokiou shares his experiences and advice. By Adonis Flokiou, Arsenalet Game Incubation Manager Choosing the right festival As part of The Animation Workshop, it was already a given that we were going to attend Comic Con Copenhagen so we thought [...]

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