Want to keep up with the companies in our four game incubators? Each month, we’ll highlight some of the most recent game releases. In the December edition, you can check out MuX by Decochon in early access.

MuX by Dechochon

MuX by Decochon showcased at FunKoN17

The game was showcased at FunKoN17 in Oslo, Norway.

MuX is in short a musical playground where you can create your own musical instruments and soundscapes in virtual reality. Engineer, compose and perform. Make wild sound machines to perform for you.

The creators of the game, Decochon, sit in Arsenalet Game Incubation and have been working on the game for over two years. Now it’s out in early access, and they’re looking for feedback:

“While developing and testing MuX, we found people using it in ways we hadn’t expected. They also made music and sound that surprised us, things we couldn’t have made ourselves. As we continue to develop and expand MuX, we find Early Access an opportunity to become informed and inspired by what others might create. MuX is an instrument, ready to be played, explored, and enjoyed by others than just us,” the team explains.

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