Behind the scenes of Denmark’s largest games festival – Game Scope

Game Scope is a games festival in Aalborg that invites people with an interest in the whole game universe to look inside this amazing world of games. Focus will be on game development and the entertainment and research behind… games.

By Louise Andersen, intern at GameCity Aalborg

“They have finally arrived,” Maria Kristensen says with a big smile while she looks at the brown cardboard boxes that have just arrived and are now sitting on our office floor.

The boxes contain the colourful beach-flags, which on the day are meant to guide guests and create awareness about the festival. Maria has throughout the last week been working very intensely on the graphics, making them just perfect and patiently waited to see the results of her hard work.

Maria Kristensen with our Game Scope beachflag
Maria Kristensen with our Game Scope beachflag

The beautiful colours of greens and blues, combined with the many gaming icons; and the proud look on Maria’s face when she stands with the flag, waving it up high, brings forward a smile on everyone’s face at the Game Scope office.

Working toward a common goal

The flags are just one out of the many tasks that keep the employees at the office occupied this month leading up to the festival. Balls are literally flying around the office, being caught and worked on, and the normally quiet halls are now used for walks and runs in a very fast pace.

“We need a Pokémon tournament,” says the oldest person on the team, Dolan Sund. The creative ideas for what the festival should contain are many and a Pokémon tournament is just one out of many on that list. Everyone at the office has their own opinion as to what should be on the programme. It goes from a LAN party to an UV treasure hunt for kids and guests with a childish heart.

We all work toward a common goal: a goal for businesses, families, students, professional game developers and others with just the slightest interest or curiosities for games, to have some amazing days, which offers the opportunity to learn, play and network.

Games – new opportunities

Dolan Sund playing one of our office VR games Xortex, trying to decide which ones should be at the Festival
Dolan Sund playing one of our office VR games Xortex, trying to decide which ones should be at the Festival

“Aalborg is constantly evolving” has become a common sentence these past years. Which is true because Aalborg offers loads of opportunities for students. However, many students still have a hard time finding jobs after ending their education. Furthermore, the professional game developers are having a hard time reaching out to their target group as well as the business. With Game Scope we wish to create the opportunity for both students with an interest in game development and the professional game developers to network with different businesses. This will set the ground for businesses to realise the skills students have to offer and how these games and game elements can benefit their business.

Games are so much more

Games are so much more than entertainment. Games and gamification allow scientists and game developers to rethink healthcare together . At the festival, we introduce a conference that informs about the opportunities that games brings to the table when thinking of helping people get better. This is just one out of many interesting conferences and speaks that deal with ways of using and thinking games.

Games brings back memories

“I used to play Mario Kart all the time on my gameboy back in the days,” I said proudly and with a little smile on my lips as we discussed games at the Game Scope office. Games have the ability to bring people together, to make them smile and they strike that competitive gene most of us have. Currently, I am at the bottom of the leader board hanging in the office, reminding me of my lacking skills at the VR game Xortex. I hope that my skills will improve over the next couple of months. After having been introduced to virtual reality (VR), I must admit that I’m a fan. The experience of being in the game – and in this out-of-space location while playing – gave me a whole new look of how I earlier experienced games. If you haven’t already experienced VR gaming, I can highly recommend that you do.

We introduce some different VR games at the festival, so that guests can try these new way of playing and thinking games.


Game Scope festival is a fusion of all the different aspects that games allow. Getting around the many different ways of thinking, playing, designing and working with games – which the team at this office in cooperation are trying set the best possible frames for. We hope to see as many as possible these days, helping us celebrate this festival of games.
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