Can the gaming industry create new jobs in Norway?

Game Hub Scandinavia, Fleksibel utdanning Norge and Interreg will be hosting a seminar at the political forum Arendalsuka to discuss how Norway can follow in the footsteps of Sweden, Finland and Denmark. 

Can the gaming industry create new jobs in Norway and thereby follow in the footsteps of its Nordic neighbours? This is one of many questions that will be asked – and answered – during tomorrow’s game- and business-oriented seminar “Spill (s)om arbeidsplasser” (Games as jobs).

The seminar will consist of a series of presentations followed by a panel debate. Participants range from the President of the Norwegian Producers Association to the leader of the political party “De Grønne” (The Green) and a consultant from the Norwegian Tourists Association. Jonas Klemmensen, project leader of the Danish game incubator Game Hub Denmark, will participate as a representative of Viden Djurs and Game Hub Scandinavia (GHS).


  • The Nordic gaming-industry and the work done in incubators; what they have accomplished and challenges ahead – Jonas Klemmensen, Viden Djurs, DK
  • The state of the Norwegian gaming-industry – Torbjørn Urfjell, Virke Producers Association, NO
  • The use of Pokemon GO in forests and fields – Tina Marii Skare, The Norwegian Tourist Association, NO
  • The politics surrounding contributions to start-ups and incubation environments – Dilek Ayhan, the Nutrition and Fishery Department, NO

Time and place:

August 17, 15-17

No 9 Kaffe- og Platebar

More information:

Visit FuN’s website for more information and stay tuned for next week when Jonas Klemmensen will share his experience at Arendalsuka.

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