Sweden’s game revenue increased to EUR 1.4 billion in 2016

Swedish Game Developer Index 2017

Battlerite by Stunlock Studios

The 2017 Swedish Game Developer Index was revealed today and showcases steady growth in exports, boom in new companies and revenue.

“Sweden is blessed with great game developers, but we would hire more if we could. Now we’re looking to attract new talent from overseas. Some companies have also opened offices in places like New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin to tap into that talent pool,” said Per Stromback, spokesperson for Dataspelsbranschen (Swedish Games Industry). “Sweden is constantly rated one of the best places to do business and live from top publications and developers are working even harder to make Sweden a particularly appealing place to work as they attract new games creators from across the globe.”

Games developed in Sweden include titles like Battlefield 1, Minecraft, Candy Crush Saga, Goat Simulator, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Mad Max, Star Wars Battlefront, Europa Universalis IV, Bait! and Payday 2.

Some key points from the report:

  • Revenue (turnover) of Swedish game developers increased to EUR 1.4 billion in 2016, representing a 1000 percent increase since 2010
  • The majority of the companies are profitable, and the industry has reported a total profit for eight years running
  • 25 percent of all revenue is being generated by medium sized companies and smaller
  • The number of female employees has risen by 21% in comparison to the year before, making a total of 786 working in a gaming company in 2016

Read a summary of the report here

About the Swedish Game Developer Index
The 2017 edition of the Game Developer Index will be released at NASDAQ in Stockholm on September 5, 2017. Game Developer Index is a report that summarizes Swedish game developers’ activities of the past year by compiling key figures from the companies’ annual reports. Swedish game development is an export industry and acts on a highly globalized market.

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