Highlights from Game Scope 2017

The 2017 Game Scope festival took place from August 17-19 in Nordkraft, Aalborg. During the festival’s three days, both visitors, students and game developers participated in an array of events and activities. We’re going to highlight some of the key events, which we felt were particularly beneficial to our participating developers.

By Stine Lund, Project Coordinator at GameCity Aalborg and Business Aalborg

The winner takes it all

In this year’s edition of the festival, we introduced the Game Scope People’s Choice award, which could be won by the developers displaying at the expo. Visitors were able to vote for their favorite game by submitting tokens to voting boxes placed by each displayed game. The winning game would be announced on the final day of the expo.

Unbeknown to the developers, the stakes were upped as Game Scope formed a partnership with Indie Prize, allowing the winners to not only adorn themselves with the title of People’s Choice 2017 but also win access passes and transportation to Casual Connect in Kyiv this October.

The results were close but the Aalborg-based developer ALL CAPS won the title and tickets to Kyiv with their game Disco Flip; a disco themed, endless runner game, operated via a dance mat. The game proved immensely popular among both adults and kids of all ages.

We’re looking forward to hearing how the trip to Kyiv goes and hope that this has initiated a long and solid partnership with Indie Prize, allowing more Scandinavian developers to participate at Casual Connect in the future.

Expo reviews LIVE!

Thursday afternoon the iconic Danish TV-show Troldspejlet visited Game Scope. Hosts Jakob Stegelmann and Troels Møller would review a selection of games from the expo live in a never before seen version of the show.

We are still not sure who was the most nervous – the hosts or the developers sitting in the crowd.

After a short trip down memory lane where Jakob and Troels explained how game reviewing has changed throughout the years and how a show such as Troldspejlet is trying to make quality reviews in an increasingly competitive industry, it was time to get down to business.

All games displayed at the expo had been eligible to sign up and among the many contributions six were reviewed live on the show:

The games were both praised and criticized, and the reviewers had the chance to talk to the developers live and get their thoughts behind some of the elements that were either great, confusing or simply too difficult.

In the end, the newly released Figment from Bedtime Digital was highlighted as the most finished and worked-through game. This resulted in a four-minute-long review of the game on Troldspejlet’s website.

With 400 people in the audience, the show managed to present and discuss indie development in a new way, which introduced the public to the scene and created broader awareness.

We hope to see the show back as a Game Scope tradition that continues to merge the gaps between the audience and the industry.

Networking is key

We all know that networking is key to success and future developments and can be achieved by either securing resources, investments or collaborations. This is why Game Scope had plenty of events targeted at meeting up. Among some of them were Meet2Match and the breakfast event “gathering of Chiefs”.

The former is a formal meeting system between developers and investors and publishers, while the latter is more of an informal meet-up for CEOs, aimed at strengthening relations cross-countries and studios.

The Meet2Match event allowed developers to meet up with other developers and publishers from Europe and Asia, including the companies:

With lots of positive feedback, we aim to increase the size of the event in the future, allowing more developers to get exposure.

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