Meet us at GDC 2018 and Game Connection in San Francisco

Find Game Hub Scandinavia’s partners at this year’s GDC 2018 and Game Connection in San Francisco.

The Game Incubator, Game Hub Denmark, Arsenalet Game Incubation, The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, and The University of Skövde are all represented at the big industry meet-up in San Francisco.

Get in touch with the Swedish partners and the companies from The Game Incubator at Sweden Game Arena’s booth from March 21-23, 2018, at GDC.

To reach our other partners, contact:

Game Hub Denmark

Mikkel Fledelius Jensen


Twitter: @mikkel0808

Arsenalet Game Incubation

Adonis Flokiou


Twitter: @FlokiouAdonis

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College

Nathalia Hentze Nielsen


Twitter: @NathaliaHentze

The University of Skövde

Per Backlund


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