Press Start: Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0

By Bue Fyhn, Game Hub Scandinavia

Game Hub Scandinavia is moving onto our second project-period with another funding by the European program ÖKS-Interreg. We are continuing our joined efforts in creating smart growth in the Scandinavian game industry.

Scandinavia can go bigger

The game industry is a fast runner, and every year the global industry breaks the previous year’s global revenue. It is a market with heaps of potential, but a tough nut to crack.

Sure enough, Scandinavia has games on the market with world-renowned titles such as Angry Birds (Rovio Entertainment, Finland 2009), Minecraft (Mojang, Sweden 2011), Subway Surfers (Sybo Games, Denmark 2012) and Age of Conan (Funcom, Norway 2008).

However, the piece of the pie we have gotten so far does not compare to the large cake we can get by unleashing the full potential that is sleeping in Scandinavia.

In 2016, Finland generated a revenue of €2.5 billion, followed by Sweden’s €1.4 billion. In comparison, Denmark was in 2016 at €140 million while Norway was at €0.34 mil. Meanwhile the game industry revenue has globally risen to $139.9 billion globally in 2018.

Game Hub Scandinavia 1.0’s results

One does not simply get rich by becoming a game developer. You have to be an entrepreneur, a marketer, a content creator and a tireless hard worker to get there. No individual is born with all those business skills. They need to learn it.

Game Hub Scandinavia along with its partners found the individuals with the skills to be game developers, and trained them to become business women/men.

In 2015-2018, we supported 100 companies and created 160 jobs to step into the global game industry. Throughout those 3 years, we have established networks, relations and created programs for smart growth.

Taking it to the next level

With all that knowledge and experience, we are taking Game Hub Scandinavia (2019-2021) to the next level with the help of ÖKS-Interreg and Erhvervsstyrelsen for de Østjyske partnere.

We are raising the bar, and next time we will strive to support 200 companies and create 400 jobs.

To reach our goal we are educating the storytellers and world builders of tomorrow through incubation and acceleration.

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