Game Hub Scandianvia enter Nordic Game Conference

Scandinavic family gathering at Nordic Game Conference

By Bue Fyhn, Game Hub Scandinavia

Malmö had visitors from all the Scandinavian countries during a sunny week from May 20 to May 26.

Game Hub Scandinavia was no exception to the large list of companies and organizations joining the family gathering of our Nordic kin.

Sweden Game Arena charming the visitors

Sweden Game Arena booth

The people behind Sweden Game Arena are all veterans in the games industry and business.

They know how to attract people through their games, their stand and their people. Mighty beards, adorable graphics and sparks in their eyes kept them busy, with people always crowding around their stand

Game Hub Denmark attracting a wide audience

Visitor playing game at Game Hub Denmark booth

The games displayed at the Game Hub Denmark stand caused all sorts of reactions.

Screams, shouts and jumps regularly occurred at the horror game ‘ANDROMALIUS’, much to the pleasure of the smirking game developers standing in the background.

Immense concentration and gratification from players at the stimulating puzzle game ‘Lightmatter’. People returned several time to get to the next stage, even some of our own.

Start-ups and Indie companies entering the fray

Visitor playing indie game ANDROMALIUS
Visitor playing horror game ‘ANDROMALIUS’

Sweden Game Arena and Game Hub Denmark displayed several ambitious start-ups and indie games from their incubators and community.

All the Scandinavian young game developers engaged the Nordic games industry with steeled nerves and a hunger for inspiration, new relations and a desire to show off their creations.

From the Swedish scene:

  • Sunscale Studios, showcasing their work in progress ‘Scrambled’, a rhytm based beat ‘em up
  • Brimstone Games, the developers behind the friendship killer ‘Lance A Lot’
  • Pathos Interactive, the creators behind the medieval RTS-game ‘BANNERMEN’
  • Questionshark Studios, the makers behind the action packed dungeon crawler, ‘Roll, Die, Go Home’

From the Danish scene:

A successful hunt

Game Hub Denmark and Sweden Game Arena

Nordic Game Conference was a great setup with rich opportunity to learn more about the games industry from unexpected angles, the chance to create new relations and networks.

All the start-ups came home enlightened but exhausted from all the mingling, meetings and business talks. However, even if they were tired they had whet their appetite for more.

They all went straight to work to follow up on their feedback, ideas and contacts, which we can consider a great success.

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