Internet Week Denmark – Aalborg

Getting started in the games industry – Aalborg

By Stine Lund, Project Coordinator at Business Aalborg

Friday May 10 2019, 40 students, teachers and game developers got together in Aalborg, the room full of anticipation and good vibes! They joined to discuss how to get started with your own game developer business. Everybody shared experiences, dos, don’ts, and last but definitely not least create new relations and establish networks.

We opened the day with our partners SEA and Business Aalborg introducing the community. We want all potential start-ups to know how the community can benefit them, how the community’s partners are able to help, and how to get a business started – through counselling and possibly incubation.

The main goal of the seminar was to emphasis the large network and community that students, teachers and game developers have access to through Game Hub Aalborg. Members of the community become part of Game Hub Denmark and thus Game Hub Scandinavia and their partners.

Roller-coaster stories of success and failure

After the introduction, three companies took to the stage, each sharing their story. From early startup to established business, candidly sharing their failures and experiences they’ve gained along the way.
Their talks were educational, engaging and fun. Each developer took us along their personal journey within the games industry, and finished off their talk with their best advice for future developers.

The presenters were Philip Nymann from Tunnel Vision Games, Klaus Pedersen of Bedtime Digital Games and Christian Hansen from ALL CAPS.

Wrapping up the event, Philip Klaus and Christian joined for a joint-panel Q&A with questions from the audience discussing all sorts of topics:

  • Workflow
  • Advisable project sizes
  • Ideal team set ups
  • Funding or lack of funding
  • Hit by force majeure
  • Working with teams abroad
  • Publishers
  • What to do when your game is a success but your monetization plan does not work
  • and much, much more.

Everybody got so absorbed in the open discussion that we went over time, and all participants left with more passion for the industry than earlier.

6 things you wish you knew – or had listened to

For those who can’t remember the main points, or those who could not attend the event, here are some of the main points and advices from the three studios:

  1. NETWORK as much as possible – do game jams, expos, conferences, meet ups etc.
  2. Spend education and free time wisely
  3. Get technical – almost no matter your field it is worth the time to know a bit of tech
  4. Make sure that your game fits into your scope, passion and marked research – DON’T forget marked research!
  5. Do many small games, lots of vertical slices of many games rather than one long finished game – show us what you got, or you won’t get hired. This also works better when winning over publishers and investors
  6. As a student – do one small game a month, rather than one big game a year


Game Hub Aalborg and its partners will be doing more events like this, to share knowledge and network – keep an eye out for updates on our event page.

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