Game Hub Scandinavia won National Award

Game Hub Scandinavia won the European Commission’s Danish National Award and is shortlisted for EEPA19 in Helsinki!

Game Hub Scandinavia won the European Commission’s Danish National Award and has been shortlisted for the category “Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit” at this year’s European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) in Helsinki, Finland.

Winning the Danish National Award of the annual European Enterprise Promotion Award is a great achievement, and we are proud and happy to be recognized for the work we do. Going to Helsinki, we hope to discover new friends and possible partnerships, explore new ideas and create new opportunities for the future. Of course, winning the award would also be great” – said Ditte Kristensen, Project Manager of Game Hub Scandinavia

Promoting SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Scandinavian games industry

The games industry has been developing rapidly in the past few years. Some game companies have been able to step into the market while it was still in its growth spurt.

However, the games industry has now grown into one of the world’s largest entertainment industries over the past years. Parts of Scandinavia has fallen behind in this development, even though we have untapped potential and amazing creative forces that would allow us a much bigger slice of the world-spanning cake.

Game Hub Scandinavia promotes and supports students, entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow a sustainable business in the games industry, which enables budding game developers to sprout and produce.

Going to Helsinki, we at Game Hub Scandinavia are happy for this opportunity to create awareness on what we do while learning from internationally acknowledged projects.

What is the European Enterprise Promotion Award?

The European Commission organizes the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA). The European Commission takes an opportunity to gather some of the best national projects, who promote small and medium-sized enterprises as well as entrepreneurs at the national, regional and local levels.

Initiatives from all over Europe along with Iceland, Serbia, and Turkey are each year invited to the EEPA to take part in the competition for the prestigious award. Since 2006, over 2800 projects have entered the awards and together they have supported the creation of thousands of new companies.

About Game Hub Scandinavia

  • Game Hub Scandinavia is a Scandinavian project supported by EU-funds from the ÖKS-Interreg foundation.
  • The Project’s Lead Part is Viden Djurs, and the project is co-financed by Region Midtjylland
  • The partners of Game Hub Scandinavia is the University of Skövde, Viden Djurs, Science Park Skövde, Erhvervsakademiet Dania, The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, Business Aalborg, SEA Aalborg University and Goodbye Kansas Game Invest.
  • Game Hub Scandinavia’s goal is to create jobs in the game industry through cooperation between the Nordic countries.

For further information contact:

  • Project Manager of Game Hub Scandinavia is Ditte Kristensen, Viden Djurs. Phone: +4520613127. E-mail:
  • Communications Officer of Game Hub Scandinavia is Bue Fyhn, The Animation Workshop / VIA University College. Phone: +4587554931. E-mail:

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