Game Hub Scandinavia at GDC 2020 and MeetToMatch in San Francisco

Find Game Hub Scandinavia at this year’s GDC 2020 and MeetToMatch in San Francisco

During the international GDC week from Monday, March 16 – Friday, March 20, Game Hub Scandinavia and its partners will be present in San Francisco!

We’re happy to announce that Game Hub Denmark and Sweden Game Arena are partnering up with MeetToMatch in the San Francisco 2020 edition.
Read more about MeetToMatch here.

You can find us and several of our venture ready companies from our Danish and Swedish incubators at the meeting tables.

More events and networking!

Looking for a more intimate networking platform, where you can meet up with your Scandinavian colleagues and connections? Our partners have these events in store for you:

  • The Nordic Breakfast
  • The Scandinavian Mixer

Ideal events for investors, game developers, publishers, artists, and other professionals to get in touch with Scandinavian players.
Read more about the Scandinavian Mixer here.

The Scandinavian Mixer @ GDC 2020, Game Hub Scandinavia

Want to get in touch with us?

Game Hub Scandinavia is sending its representatives! Looking to get in touch with any of us?

Game Hub Denmark
Mikkel Fledelius Jensen
Twitter: @mikkel0808

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College
roof creative startup collective
Hannibal Glaser
Twitter: @tinyadonis

The University of Skövde
Per Backlund

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