Game Hub Scandinavia canceling San Francisco plans 2020 due to COVID-19

Update March 13: Due to the US lockdown and travel ban of all travels from the Schengen area in Europe to the US, none of the partners of Game Hub Scandinavia will be present during the San Francisco games week. Our affected partners intend to perform their meetings digitally.

Update March 11: The WHO now declares the Corona-virus a Pandemic.

March 5: Regrettably the partners of Game Hub Scandinavia have decided to cancel Nordic Breakfast and The Scandinavian Mixer as COVID-19 poses increasingly large risks of health security issues. Some of our partners still intend to participate during the San Francisco games week at MeetToMatch.

Games industry on a temporary ‘Pause’

February 28 Game Developer Conference announced they would postpone the annual conference to a later date in Summer 2020, as COVID-19 could pose a threat to the thousands of participants.

Throughout the weeks, COVID-19 has escalated and put the global games community at a standstill along with the majority of the business sectors.

COVID-19 affecting Game Hub Scandinavia

The cancellation of the grand international conference in San Francisco does cause a delay to the Game Hub Scandinavia project.

However, Game Hub Scandinavia and its partners will proceed to adapt and move most of their activities to a digital platform until the COVID-19 threat has subsided.

Local activities will move to online meetings, but larger international activities are still at risk of being postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.

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