Ahoot Media: Educational game about pandemics in development

The educational game OUTBREAK has received funding for development. Ahoot Media, the creators behind the game, just recently received a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to continue development.

Ahoot Media - OUTBREAK

The educational game, OUTBREAK, will revolve around pandemics and infection biology with a focus on learning intended for students in school. It will include school subjects such as mathematics and social studies to shed light on how biological issues affect and interact with society.

On the drawing board before Corona

The game has been on the drawing board even before the Corona-pandemic (COVID-19) spread across the world.

“Some times the world is puzzling,” says Lars Tornbjerg, leader of the game company Ahoot Media, who’s behind the game.

“We started on the application for funding in January, and send it in March on the exact same date that the Danish authorities put Denmark in a state of lockdown because of Corona. So the theme for the application couldn’t be more relevant.” The nordic Novo Nordisk Foundation who received the application seems to agree, as they granted the funds to Ahoot Media for developing the game.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants to projects which benefit people and society. The Foundation’s focus is to improve lives of people through better health, education, and the development of knowledge-based sustainable society.

A Danish news-broadcaster, TV2 Østylland, featured an interview with the game company Ahoot Media about the game OUTBREAK.
Watch the interview below:

Ahoot Media focusing on learning

Ahoot Media has been developing educational games since the company’s beginning in 2018. They’re finishing up their most recent game, Jack the Riddler, which they’re expecting to release in Fall, 2020.
Watch the trailer for Jack the Riddler here.

Jack the Riddler is an educational game supporting schoolchildren in learning the English language and helping them more easily engage in English with other people.

Supported by Game Hub Denmark

Ahoot Media is located in Grenaa, Denmark, in the games incubator Game Hub Denmark. The incubator is created and supported by the local institutions Viden Djurs and Dania Games in collaboration.

The incubator helps young entrepreneurs interested in game development in creating a sustainable business.

Game Hub Denmark was created in 2015 and has since then supported more than 20 game companies in establishing themselves in the games industry.

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