A new season of ‘Road to Funding’: workshops and talks for game developers

Continuing the success

In Spring 2021 Game Hub Scandinavia collaborated closely with Game Hub Denmark to put together frequent events bringing value to game developers, even though the COVID-19 situation had most of the world under lockdown.

The event series was coined “Road to Funding”, and starting August 31 we’re resuming our frequent workshops, talks, panels, and online meetings for game developers each on their road towards investment in Road to Funding: Season 2.

Season 2 of Road to Funding

We’re kicking off with Road to Funding: The First 500 Followers, and will move on to bring more invaluable knowledge from one game developer to another in our Scandinavian community.

For this season 2 throughout Fall 2021, we’re collaborating even more closely with Game Hub Denmark and adding in Sweden Game Arena – one of Sweden’s amazing growth programs with successes in their catalog such as Coffee Stain Studios, Pieces Interactive, Iron Gate Studio, and many more.

We’re extremely excited to bring events to Scandinavian game developers, that will bring them several steps closer to becoming a stronger game studio, and maybe even reaching the investment they’re looking for.

Game developers have to get better at business

The games industry depends heavily on private funding. The market is heavily saturated with new games coming out each day. And investors are all searching for the needle in the haystack: That one best gem that will become the new franchise.

And that’s why being ahead of competitors, thinking both fine-tuned quality into your game and quality into your business is absolutely needed. Balancing your game studio’s business side equally high as your game’s production is a proven method and a desirable trait that investors look for.

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