Connect with the Scandinavian games industry

The Scandinavian games industry is a worldwide success story_

Historically and continuously, Scandinavia produces original games of record-breaking and outstanding quality.

Talent and passion are at the core of our digital media industry, and Scandinavia is globally acknowledged for its innovative abilities.

Why look towards Scandinavia?

Scandinavia has built up a critical mass and a strong network of game studios, where we are collaborators as much as competitors.

The Scandinavian games industry is too small to fight each other; so instead we banded together to create a strong Scandinavian DNA and network.

1/8th of Earth’s population has played Scandinavian video games

Nearly 600 registered game companies across Norway, Denmark and Sweden

2019 alone generated 2.961 billion USD across Norway, Denmark and Sweden

Our games industry has sustained a 10% yearly growth in revenue the past years

Be part of an overnight success_

Our network has supported and helped produce some international success stories and impeccable game studios.

Visit our partners and incubators for an overview of some of the game studios in our network:

Scandinavian infrastructure is renowned across the globe for its security and benefits to its citizens. The same goes for our business industry.

Connect with us_

The key ingredient to our success is our belief in people’s potential and our ambition to unleash that creative energy.

To realize that energy we have an infrastructure, environment, and business jurisdiction that makes Scandinavia one of the easiest places to do business in the world.

Connect to the Scandinavian games industry by joining the Game Hub Scandinavia network. We can match you up with countless of game studios, IPs, business developers and organizations that fit your need.

Magnus Ling

Magnus Ling

Sweden Game Arena
Project Manager & Director
Science Park Skövde

Mikkel Fledelius Jensen

Mikkel Fledelius Jensen

Game Hub Denmark, Grenaa
Director of Incubation
Dania Academy

Bue Fyhn

Bue Fyhn

Game Hub Scandinavia
Communications Officer
The Animation Workshop