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Game Hub Scandinavia and partners will be at Sweden Game Conference

We can look forward to celebrating Sweden Game Conference’s 10th anniversary.

Last year Sweden Game Arena marked 2018 as their best year yet, where over 1000 students and game developers from 32 countries gathered in Skövde, Sweden.

This year’s event will be full of great meetings with students, game developers and startups as well as hot topics in academia and research.

Furthermore, this year’s theme dives into the possibilities of opportunities of: ‘Sustainability & Games’


The conference will cover questions about:

What opportunities do games offer developers to be future-oriented and to anticipate the needs and demands of emerging technologies and markets, both globally and locally?

How might we design and develop games to include relevant themes for sustainability: environmental threats, climate change, inequality, peace and justice, globalization, radical political movements, social activism, poverty and hunger, immigration?

As we consider the future, how might we be more inclusive in our game content, but also our industries and educations? What must change now to secure the future of games? Who (and what) is at the margins of gaming, and how can we shift them to the centre? Whom should we educate and how?


More About Skövde

You will find Skövde located between the two biggest lakes in Sweden; Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. Close to the city centre is the blooming mountain Billingen with a recreation area, waterfalls, small lakes and several nature reserves. Skövde has a pulsating city core with a lot of small shops and several malls. Here you can enjoy great shopping with over 300 stores. The event calendar tells us about a city filled with culture, entertainment and sports – all year round. At Skövde Arena you find the coolest aqua park in the country but also several other activities.


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