Game Hub Scandinavia at Sweden Game Conference 2016

As one of the organisers of Sweden Game Conference 2016, Game Hub Scandinavia had a great opportunity to leave its footprints. Apart from organising two academic tracks at the conference, which focused on gamification and Asian market, the project’s four incubators also presented their games at the Expo.

By Per Backlund, Swedish project partner, Game Hub Scandinavia

The academic tracks in question had an audience of more than 60 people while some 20 participants from the Danish partners in Grenaa and Viborg presented their games at the Game Hub Scandinavia (GHS) booth in the Expo area. These activities led to many interesting meetings between students from the Scandinavian countries. The games presented at the Expo area were a huge success during the conference days as well as during the Open Expo when the general public could visit. The following figures summarize SGC 2016, and the exposure that GHS had:

  • Participants from 5 continents and 15 countries
  • 839 Registered participants
  • 43 Talks
  • 8 Workshops
  • 2 Panels
  • 38 expo Participants
  • 2 Parties
  • 5 Awards

Unravelling the potential of Gamification and the structure of Asian markets

We were happy to invite six speakers to present various topics during the academic track. Two talks were on gamification. Victor Enghed, student at University of Skövde, presented the Cloud Game project (Swe. Molnspelet). It is a collaboration between four game developing students from the University of Skövde and the Science Center Dalénium, located in Stenstorp. The project itself is the creation of a learning tool, which will be a permanent addition to the Dalénium science exhibition. Jonathan Sterner, from the company Mobile Storytelling, talked about how they work to develop gamified solutions for different clients in the event and tourism sectors.

Victor Enghed at the Game Hub Scandinavia track, SGC 2016.

The GHS track also featured two talks about the game scene in India. Shailesh Prabhu, an indie game developer from India, gave a talk about the challenges one faces as a game developer, and the huge expectations of big market progress in India. Shailesh pointed to some factors that complicates the picture of India as one homogeneous market. The talk generated a lot of interest and attention. Shailesh was invited to publish an article on based on his presentation. Souvik Mukherjee, professor at the Presidency University in Kolkata, gave an inspiring talk wherein he urged us to think about the importance of including other cultural views when we talk about games. Amongst other things, he pointed to the long history of board games in India, going back thousands of years.

Michael Zhu, former vice president of Shanda Interactive, gave an overview of the Chinese game market along with some interesting case studies of successful games in China. For the first time, China has surpassed the US in total game revenues.  China’s 2015 game revenues are estimated to be $22.2 billion, just ahead of the US at $21.96 billion. Michael shared some insights concerning the trends on the Chinese mobile games market. Finally, Rebecca Yvonne Bayeck, a PhD candidate at the Pennsylvania State University, addressed different aspects of diversity as represented in commercial games – focusing especially on the continent of Africa. Rebecca talked about the importance of considering the perspectives and world views that are present in games so that not only stereotypical views form the western world are present.

Souvik Mukherjee at the Game Hub Scandinavia track, SGC 2016.

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