GHD Pitching Workshop – Post Morten

On Tuesday the 26th of October Game Hub Denmark hosted a workshop on pitching for startup companies that are part of the incubator network.

Joining the workshop as participating companies were Fish Bread Studios, Empty Box, and Towards the Sea.

We also welcomed our three panelists:

  • Christine Thaarup, Managing Director of Rocksalt CPH
  • Emil Kjær, Product Manager of Funday Factory
  • Jacob Honoré, CEO of Octato.

The panelists deserve a special Thank You. Their expertise and commitment made this workshop something that all participants could learn something from.

Pitching for perfection

The purpose of the pitching workshop was to help the startups condense and specialize their respective pitches for the games for which they are currently seeking funding. The setup was a series of alternating pitches and revision sessions where the startups would all gain feedback in plenum and then revise their pitch decks. During the revisal session the companies focused on a lot of different things, but some of them were of very similar nature:

  • Start with a money shot, we need to see and ‘feel’ the game
  • The hook is important, what makes your game unique?
  • The game loop needs to be clear, preferably through a chart or other structured setup.
  • Final and placeholder art needs to be immediately distinguishable
  • Never be in doubt. The game is yours and you ‘own’ the process

Congratulations to all the participating companies! Their revisions to their pitch desk all tell the same tale: The perfect pitch is something you attain through hard work, repetition, and feedback from your peers and network.

At Game Hub Denmark we hope to spread the learnings we found in this time’s pitch workshop so they can also benefit other startups in the games industry.

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