Higher Video-Game Education in Scandinavia

An overview of the past five years of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian academic game educations

This report is written as a part of the EU Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak funded project Game Hub Scandinavia. The aim of the project is to provide resources and services to developers, educators, researchers, and supporting actors that are involved in the Scandinavian game industry.

This report aims to give a general overview of game-related higher education programmes and institutions in Scandinavia. The report is part of an on-going effort to keep inventory of how games are represented in tertiary education.

As the games industry is becoming an increasingly important part of Scandinavian countries’ national revenue, game educations are becoming increasingly important. A well-constructed educational ecosystem play an important part both in supplying the growing industry with employable graduates, as well as preparing future developers for being conscious and critical about current systemic flaws in the industry and the products it creates.

However, debating the more intangible roles that tertiary education might play in the Scandinavian game industries is not the main goal of this report.

Our main ambition is to provide statistics that might, or might not, be useful in informing the ongoing discussion of how the game industry can and should be supported, and how our systems of education relate to these pressing questions.

Read the full report or download the .pdf here.

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