New handbook for indie game devs and educational institutions

“A Space for Beautiful Mistakes” is a free handbook with experiences, advice and strategies for indie game devs and educations.

How do small indie game developers work with business development? What can educational institutions do to support a spirit of entrepreneurship in their game students? What is it like to make the jump from student to game developer?

These are some of the questions that Mikkel Lodahl, Director of the Institute for Danish Game Development (IDSU), asks in the new handbook “A Space for Beautiful Mistakes” – a companion piece to the more theoretically inclined book The Business of Making Games”.

The book was created in collaboration with the Erasmus+ EU project GameBiz EU and contains a collection of interviews with players from European indie-environments. The interviewees ranges from Dutch gaming companies – Ronimo Games, Stolen Couch, Active Cues and Gamistry – to prominent game educations and incubation environments: HKU, Bournemouth University, ENTI and University of Malta, Viden Djurs, Dutch Game Garden, and Game Hub Denmark.

Read and download the book right here.

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