Interreg article: “The project that put the Scandinavian games industry on the world map”

The Interreg ÖKS office of the European Commission has written up a great article summing up lots of the activities, the work, the passion and the values we’ve been giving the Scandinavian games industry the past years.

The Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0 project began in 2019 and has lasted until today, June 30, 2022. It’s been some amazing years, where we’ve worked closely with industry, investors, organizations in both public and private sectors and of course, our close network to push the boundaries of business in the Scandinavian games industry and improve the conditions for growth across our nordic countries.

Below you can read a short snippet of the Interreg article, translated from the original language Swedish into English.
Read the full article here.

The project that puts the Scandinavian games industry on the world map

The games industry is growing so fast and just in Scandinavia there are some of the most successful games companies in the world. The Interreg Project Game Hub Scandinavia is behind some of these successes.

As early as 2015, a collaboration was initiated between Denmark and Sweden under the name Game Hub Scandinavia, with the goal of establishing new game companies and finding new industries and markets for the games industry to spread. Three years later, almost 100 new companies had emerged, 400 jobs had been created in the program area and relations with both India and China was developed. Until 2022, the project continued under the name Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0.

One company that has received support from Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0 is Sirenix[…]

Read the full article here.

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