Game Hub Scandinavia aims to strengthen the Scandinavian position in the global game community.

In the Game Hub Scandinavia project, researchers, entrepreneurs, and game developers work together to build applicable research and knowledge.

We connect the research with hands-on practice through our network of game developers, and our researchers collaborate with the game community to support Scandinavian studios on the global market.

The research is primarily targeting game localization (how games are developed/adapted for different markets) and how to use Business Intelligence techniques to support game publishing.


Per Backlund

Per Backlund

Professor of Informatics

School of Informatics


The Indian Games Market

Author: Marcus Hellkvist Abstract: The Indian gaming industry is growing rapidly and is attributed to low-cost Android devices as well as an overall smartphone and…

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Game Localization

The market of today’s game industry is definitely on a global scale. Games can be bought, downloaded, and played regardless of where the players are…

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