Startup programs tailored for game developers

Making games doesn’t have to be done alone_

Become part of a large network of game studios, game developers, consultants, business developers, and mentors.

Game Hub Scandinavia exists to help you realize your dream and grow your game studio.

Benefits of joining a network_

Joining a game-dev community and business network is the first step to making games for a living.

By gaining access to business developers, consultants and mentors specialized in the games industry you gain the know-how and assistance to overcome pitfalls game devs commonly meet.

  • Verification
  • Sparring
  • Production help
  • Pitch training
  • Team leadership
  • Strategy
  • Business plans
  • Internationalization
  • Matchmaking

How we help you_

Startup companies in our network span from student teams going through incubation to seasoned game studios in need of access to a global market.

Game Hub Scandinavia is a non-profit organization, and we work on behalf of the companies we support. We take no ownership or share in your company – we only work towards your success and growth by helping you.

Apply to our incubators_

Join us by applying to our startup programs or contacting our local partners across Scandinavia.