SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas

Over 70 000 professionals attended SXSW this year, and Game Hub Scandinavia was represented by Ebba Køber who was there partly on a press scholarship.  The mission was to check out the gaming- and interactive part of the festival.

By Ebba Køber. Editor-in-chief at Fleksibel utdanning Norge, and Game Hub Scandinavia project partner

South by southwest, or SXSW, started out in 1987 as a music festival, then grew to be the biggest event in the world that mixes music, film, education, gaming, interactive, and comedy. Comedy and gaming components to the festival are particularly fast-growing.

SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas

SXSW networking: Starr Long, a well known game developer at SXSW 2018, where he gave a talk about crowd-founding, from a veterans point of view. Starr gave a keynote at Funkon15 in Oslo and Dania Games in 2016.

SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas

At a mixer at the Scandinavian House, arranged by SAS and Interreg Norway, they presented Scandinavian startups.  In Norway, the professional gaming scene is focused on making games for local businesses.  There is also an indie games scene but the money is coming from companies that needs games in various forms. So for game developers this crossover festival is very useful.

Of interesting talks, I could mention storytelling, and how important that is to the gaming experience. There was a panel that shared good advice on how to get ahead in the world of ideas and stories. I will make an overview of good talks, as a lot of them were recorded.  See you next year at SXSW!

And yes, there are lines everywhere – so prepare you´re schedule in good time.