The GHS Pitching Workshop was a success!

By Anders Vang Pedersen, Game Hub Denmark

During the last weekend of November, Game Hub Scandinavia successfully executed a pitching workshop with 12 participating companies.

With business’ range from brand new to well-established, we were in for a weekend with both a high professional level and mood. The program offered both business development and networking in a relaxed setting at Gudenaaen near Silkeborg.

As part of the workshop, we were lucky enough to be guested by Jonas Byrresen from Bedtime Digital Games, Emil Stidsholt from LEGO, Jacob Honoré from Octato, and Niels Wetterberg from Invisible Walls.

Thank you all so much for lending us your expertise and helping the participating companies grow their networks and establish a much clearer product definition!

The format of the workshop was twofold: Pitch and networking

Firstly, we trained our pitching competencies by alternating through pitching, listening, and revising. This process was formed as a competition, where our panel of judges would evaluate and give feedback based on 5 basic elements: Pitch structure, Core vision, The ‘Ask’, Passion transfer, X-factor.

The second part was networking, which was a more fluid process over the course of the weekend. Together the participants would make food, a bonfire, have fun and beat each other in an unofficial UNO Tournament. Good times!

There were many good points in relation to the learning outcome, and to summarize a few we have made this short list:

  • Clearly communicate your game hook
  • It must be clear who you are as a team
  • The visual aspect is very important to convey and sell the experience
  • The so-called ‘Ask’ must be clear and distinct
  • Be passionate and transfer that passion!
  • Know your market, your competitors, and your target audience.

Thank you all for participating! We hope you enjoyed the weekend, and that you established a much clearer understanding of your games and how to pitch them. May the clouds rain money, your bank vaults grow ever larger, and your passion never dwindle.

The workshop was hosted in a collaboration between Game Hub Scandinavia, EA Dania, and the Game Producer Education.

See three of the games from the pitch competition below:

Anime Music Quiz by Next World Games

Check out

‘Anime Music Quiz’ by New World Games

Head to their website

Grimm Tree by Metula

Check out

‘Grimm Tree’ by Metula

Head to their website

Lightless by Ghoul Rot Games

Check out

‘Lightless’ by Ghoul Rot Games

Head to their website

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