The Indian Games Market

Author: Marcus Hellkvist

Abstract: The Indian gaming industry is growing rapidly and is attributed to low-cost Android devices as well as an overall smartphone and internet penetration increase. The mobile gaming industry is growing the fastest and the majority of the Indian people prefer to play games on mobiles, smartphones, or tablets. Even though the trends are currently changing, Indian game developers struggle to monetize their games. This is mainly due to low credit card penetration and lack of established digital payment solutions, an absence of widespread 4G and Wi-Fi, and an ingrained unwillingness to pay for digital content. Therefore, the majority of all mobile game revenues come from in-app advertisement, in-game product or brand placement, and incentive-based advertisement. Indian game developers also struggle with talent crunch, funding, few learning opportunities, piracy, and high cost and maintenance. They also tend to neglect core development in favor of monetization strategies. The people of India are becoming more interested in game development as more people attend game development events and game development institutes are emerging. The rapid growth has also attracted top international and high-quality game studios such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Zynga.

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